Lousal Activities

Lousal is a place for scientific activities and knowledge transmission.

Within the LouMu project, there are lectures about muography and related subjects, and visits to the detection equipment installed inside the mine.

The contact for scheduling visits is: info @ lousal.cienciaviva.pt

| 06 . 08 . 2023 | Live Science Network: Cosmic Muons in the Mine – 2023 Edition

The most recent activity for the public at Lousal included a presentation about muography, in the Centre’s auditorium, and a visit to the gallery. The first stop was to see the MiniMu prototype, next to the gallery shaft.
The visit ended in the gallery’s storeroom 4, where the CorePix muon telescope is muographing the terrain above. Throughout the activity, the visitors were able to learn more about the geophysical work and muography work involved in the project.

| 06 . 03 . 2023 | Geophysical Campaign of Seismic Tomography

Over the course of 3 days, a campaign was carried out to do a seismic tomography of the terrain above the storeroom where the telescope is located. Inside the storeroom and a few meters in the gallery, geophones were installed to listen to the seismic waves produced on the surface by strikes with a large hammer.
At the surface, hammer strikes were performed on a metallic plate, placed on the ground, to dissipate the shock wave through the ground. This whole process of strikes was repeated at dozens of points, with regular spacing, in an area of 45 by 45 meters. Recording the propagation of the seismic waves will allow creating a seismic tomography (3D) of the studied area.

| 17 . 02 . 2023 | CorePix Maintenance and Geological Faults Observation

The particle physics and instrumentation team went to the mine to carry out maintenance work on the muon telescope gas feed tubes. The gas reaches the CorePix from a container outside the mine, through tubes suspended from the wall of the gallery.
And some members of the geology and geophysics team took the opportunity to confront and confirm the geological information obtained from the geophysical surveys with the geological structures that can be seen in the gallery.

| 23/30 . 07 . 2022 | Live Science Network: Cosmic Muons in the Mine – 2022 Edition

The activity started with a lecture on the muography technique, followed by a visit to the mine.
In the mine, the visit is dedicated to learning about the geophysical work carried out at LouMu and to getting to know the CorePix muon telescope.

| 20 . 05 . 2022 | Geophysical Campaign and Mine Scanning

During 3 days, a survey of the surface above the mine was carried out with some geophysical methods, namely ground penetrating radar, seismic refraction and photogrammetry.
Using the ground lidar, the entire Waldemar Gallery was scanned in order to create a digital model of its entirety.

| 26 . 04 . 2022 | CorePix Telescope Moved to the Lousal Mine

The CorePix muon telescope was brought from the laboratory of detectors in Coimbra to the Lousal Mine.
It was installed inside one of the storerooms of the gallery where it will detect the muons that cross the land above the mine.

| 18 . 11 . 2021 | Geological Survey Campaign

The geophysics and geology team met at Lousal for a geological survey, including taking samples from the site
The surface of the terrain above the mine was scanned with a drone and the gallery entrances were scanned with a laser scanner

| 01 . 08 . 2021 | Live Science in Summer: Cosmic Muons in the Mine – 2021 Edition

It included lectures on muography and particle detectors and a guided tour inside the mine
The visit is dedicated to getting to know the MiniMu and the geophysical work within the scope of LouMu

| 30 . 04 . 2021 | Outreach posters placed in the Center and in the Mine

Poster incorporated at the Center entrance
Auxiliary poster for MiniMu’s visit, at Waldemar Gallery

| 27 . 08 . 2019 | Live Science in Summer: Cosmic Muons in the Mine – 2019 Edition

Lectures and mine visits dedicated to the muography project
Teacher training in the scope of the Race to Mars in Lousal

| 19 . 02 . 2019 | MiniMu prototype installed and visitable in Lousal

Installation at the Waldemar Gallery

MiniMu in operation at the Waldemar Gallery

| 26 . 07 . 2018 |  LouMu team visit to Lousal and Waldemar Gallery

Visit to the Living Science Center of Lousal and mining area
LouMu project members know the mine