29 June

The goal is to have a diversified sample of cases where Data Science is key in modern society outside fundamental science. (Some of the speakers might be former scientists who shifted their careers from fundamental research at some point).  An example of a talk would be to introduce the company, the general goals,  and then techniques and knowledge related to Data Science/Analysis they use, with real examples. (This is just a guideline, speakers have full freedom for the contents and organization of the talk).

The symposium will be organized in thematic sessions, although this should not limit the contents of the talk or contribution. It’s rather an intentionally vague guidance, allowing to join common interests and topics. Data Science is a horizontal domain, and we aim to have cross-discussions between everyone. Time for informal discussions and networking will be foreseen.

In addition to the companies’ presentations, there will be some others from researchers from LIP and other research centers, aimed at illustrating the use of Data Science in an academic context, as well as making the bridge to applications beyond it.

Industry partnerships and joint projects