ATLAS PhD Grant awarded to LIP student

“Ana Luísa Carvalho, PhD student in the LIP ATLAS Group, is one of the winners of the ATLAS PhD Grants”

Every year the ATLAS Collaboration awards ATLAS PhD grants to three PhD students. The award finances two years of the PhD of these students, one at CERN and the other at the institution of origin. The names of the winners should be officially announced at a ceremony during the first ATLAS Week in 2021.

This year, among the winners is Ana Luísa Carvalho, PhD student at LIP-Lisboa and at IST, University of Lisbon. The subject of Ana Luísa’s thesis is the study of the couplings of the recently discovered Higgs boson to the top quark, by far the heaviest quark and the heaviest elementary particle we know of. More specifically, she will use the data collected by the ATLAS experiment at CERN’s LHC to study the CP properties of the Higgs couplings to top quarks.

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