Neutrinos at LIP

The LIP neutrino team has worked in SNO since 2005 and in SNO+ since its beginning. In 2018, we joined DUNE, for the next generation precision neutrino physics experiments.

the protoDUNE detector at CERN (@CERN)

SNO+, which is built up on the SNO detector, is taking data with many measurements going on, in preparation for the final goal of testing the Majorana character of the neutrinos, by searching for neutrinoless double beta decay.

DUNE is still being constructed, but its prototypes, which are already the largest detectors of their kind, are operating at CERN. We are designing and will soon be testing calibration systems that must be ready before data taking starts.

This is a great time to join any of these two experiments. If you are interested in doing a post-doc, PhD, master or short term internship or project, feel free to contact us.

More updated information on the LIP Neutrino group (members and publications).